Urban Design Services

We approach the design of land with the basic understanding that all development must respond to its environmental social and economic context: that this is the challenge of building sustainable urban settlements in the 21st century

Regardless of the scale of the plan, design schemes must incorporate the present and future users' ideas and aspirations. Our approach is to incorporate their ideas into a built environment so that design solutions respond to a collective vision based on considerations of the realities of physical and social contextual factors.

Our experience and background give us an initial starting point. More critically though, it is our continuing interest and exploration of the existing and future users' capability to shape their own environment that permits us to deliver appropriate design solutions which fit users to the site and the social, physical and economic factors impacting on it.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver strong vibrant communities that are memorable places to live, work and play.

Our Services Include:

  • Built Form Design Guidelines
  • Community Design
  • Regional Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Draft Plan of Subdivision Design
  • Site Design
  • Sustainability Guidelines
  • Public Consultation
  • Urban Design Guidelines
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