Notre belle famille saison 5 episode 3

3. Vive la liberté (Party Animal). Cody prend un fabricant de 5. La nouvelle femme de ménage (Maid to Order).
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In this episode we meet the Dot to Dot magazine that you might like.

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What's Dot to Dot? What's in it? We see it right away with the two founders Agustina and Corentine. Today we are going to talk about a rather exceptional establishment because it combines respect for others and respect for nature. I met Martine, the event and communication coordinator of the Ferme Nos Pilifs. We talked about the origins of the farm, the work of disabled people and ecology. What is an ETA? What is produced at Ferme Nos Pilifs? This is what I propose to discover in this episode.

Be Education the associative network in education. We are going to meet Be Education, which aims to support all these associations and organisations whose aim is to improve the education of our children in a global way: fighting discrimination in schools, helping children in difficulty, and many others. What exactly do they do?

We are discussing this with Margot de Be education. CodeNPlay The aim is to reduce the digital divide through digital education. The covid crisis, especially during the confinement, has forced us to change the way we live, study and work, in an increasingly digital way. It's easy and comfortable for the most geeky among us, but alas, it wasn't the same for everyone. Not everyone has the necessary skills and equipment. How to solve it?

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  5. One of the solutions is to train children from a very early age. That's what Codenplay does, offering workshops and training in primary school.

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    Concretely what do they do? Molenbike : eco-responsible bicycle delivery. If the bicycle is more and more used by citizens, it is also the best means of transport for the delivery of small parcels and not so small as that by the way. This is Molenbike.

    Measure. Fix. Enjoy

    What is it exactly? You can see it right away with Arnaud and Raphael, two of the founders of Molenbike.

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    Facebook : molenbike. Instagram: molenbike. Sustainable Citizen Neighbourhoods: or the appropriation of one's neighborhood by the citizens. For example, you would like to create a shared vegetable garden, develop solutions for mobility in your street, create a large compost for the whole neighbourhood How to do it? Well, there are what we call sustainable neighbourhoods supported by Brussels Environment.

    What are these? What's the difference with other local citizen initiatives? We see it together with Carol, coach and coordinator of Sustainable Citizen Neighbourhoods. Facebook: SustainableCitizen Neighbourhoods. Wheel of Care : Nurses and midwives on bicycles in Brussels. In this episode we will talk about these super heroes and heroines of the coronavirus crisis, at least some of them; the medical profession! With a little touch of ecology because it is about home care but for which the trips are only done by bike.

    Why by bike? What is Slow Care? Flora, co-founder of Wheel of care, answers these questions. Facebook : wheelofcare. Instagram: wheel. In this episode we will talk about local craftsmanship, ecology and fashion. Among the alternatives to the fast fashion produced massively on the other side of the world, there is the use of local materials and in this episode we will explore a little more the question of the revaluation of local wool.

    Yes, there are still sheep in Brussels and there is a superb workshop in Scharbeek for processing wool called BlackWool. You can see that right away with Pauline.

    À quoi ressemblent les acteurs de Notre Belle famille aujourd’hui ?

    We discuss it with Yannick Facebook: tournevie Instagram tourneviebxl. Aquaponics bxl. In this episode we are going to talk about an absolutely brilliant cultivation method: aquaponics. A fish and vegetable farm that works in perfect harmony and this in your home in Brussels? We will see with Laurence de Aquaponie Bxl that this ingenious system is not so complicated and that it is quite possible to install a small aquaponic culture at home.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages? It happens in this episode. Facebook: AquaponieBrussels. Newb the new Belgian ethical bank, which you have no doubt already heard of. The ambitious project of a cooperative and ethical bank that only invests in sustainable, ethical, social projects, But finally, what is an ethical bank? What is its purpose and why do we need ethics in this field?

    We will try to see a little more clearly with Juditth and Matthias de Newb. Green of Iris The cooperative that creates and manages vegetable gardens in Brussels, but it is much more than that. Vert d'iris is also about paying special attention to social, environmental and economic issues. In this episode, we're going to talk with Matthieu about urban agriculture of course, and also about short circuits, better food but also about contact with nature.

    I would also add that Iris Green is continually looking for human and financial assistance. In transition? What is it for? I discussed with Sebastian about Bxl in Transition. We will see with him the many projects they have set up and what their objectives are. Facebook: bxlentransition.

    The Beehive that says YES!

    No it has nothing to do with honey or bees, but rather with quality local food. What we must get out of the Coronavirus crisis is that we must consume better but also produce better, i. What the Beehive that says yes has understood for several years by affirming their willingness to change our model of agriculture. Ragnar, Rollo et Borg discuter de la question du terrain litigieux.

    Ragnar indique qu'Horik exige qu'il le retire et lui dit aussi que le roi danois va lui payer le prix de le faire. Le Jarl demande cependant que l'un des hommes de Ragnar reste avec lui, et il laisse Rollo. Borg et Horik sont convaincus, ils sont d'accord pour attaquer l'ouest ensemble. Lagertha est furieuse et oblige Ragnar de promettre qu'il revera plus jamais. Ragnar pleure en leur disant au revoir et les regardent partir.

    Il invite Ragnar pour discuter des termes et lui demande pourquoi il n'est pas parti avec son butin. Malheureusement durant le voyage du retour Ragnar perd la plus grande partie de sa flotte et de ses soldats. Plus tard, Ragnar tente de coucher avec Aslaug mais elle lui demande instamment de ne pas le faire, car s'ils n'attendent pas trois jours, elle sera enceinte d'un monstre.